A very exciting update today…G’s OT has been talking to us for months about Theratogs, which will help his muscles learn to work a bit better. Today, he occasionally gets
“taped” which stimulates his muscles to learn what it feels like to work. I have had little traction in figuring out how to order them however, and there aren’t many distributors in the US, much less any in Austin.  I happened to mention it to his PT in passing last week, and she called me today to say she reached out to them and they are going to let G try them for free for 30 days!

He will get measured tomorrow and then I would guess it will be several weeks before they get here, but its a start! I can’t explain alot about how they work, but more info can be found here:

Unfortunately they are quite pricey and aren’t covered by insurance, so we are glad to have an opportunity to test them out for free before investing!