Came home Thursday and our new nanny, Miss K, mentioned the teachers at school said G signed “more” during lunch. I was skeptical, and then Miss K said she thinks he did it also when giving him a snack.  Still skeptical….

And then, Daddy P made pancakes Friday morning, and G DID IT! He really signed “more” when I asked him if he was all done or wanted more pancakes! I nearly fell out of my seat. This is huge for two reasons – 1) he is understanding things we are saying, which is a key cognitive and communication skill we weren’t sure he would ever develop, and 2) his fine motor skills are good enough to be able to move his hands that way. It doesn’t take a lot of “skill” for that particular sign, but still, it was awesome.

Today I took him to a puppet show with his big sis, and he started clapping when he realized the crowd was clapping, another reflection of his cognitive skills developing.

It’s been a fun week at the H house!

Our little school boy!

Here are a few pics of G in his first few weeks of school – they take a TON of pics which is really awesome!  Also, G is officially clapping! This is a huge milestone for him, as ACC kids have a really hard time coming to mid-line, they tend to operate their bodies as two separate halves, so for him to bring his hands together is awesome!  I will attribute peer pressure and music therapy to getting him there!

He has been babbling alot this weekend too. Heard a few “mamamamamas” and “nananananananas”, no recognition with it, but I am hopeful he is getting there….

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Missing Miss A….

Miss A was with our family for 13 months, and her last day was this past Monday now that we only need a part-time nanny. We are so sad to see her go, but are excited for her next adventure.  You may have observed from prior posts it can be quite difficult to capture G’s smiles, but these pictures capture the joyful spirit of Miss A and how much G loves her!

And yes, that is Cinderella and Ariel photo bombing their pics. Typical at our house. 😉

Our new nanny Miss K joined us today, and we are excited to welcome her into our family too. G is a big flirt with her, so as much as I can tell, he is happy to have her around too!

G’s first day of school!

He did it! G is officially a school boy! Ready for school!G started at the Rise School on Tuesday and had a great first day! We learned the check-in routine, and then left the little man with his new teachers and were given the boot. While I anxiously awaited a phone call to come get him, no such thing happened!

We went to pick him up promptly at 2:30 and were told he had a super day. Barely made it to nap time, but otherwise great! He appeared to have eaten fairly well, although he was very mad about the new cup I packed him. That will be the end of that one! (We are trying hard to move him away from the bottle and therefore trying all sorts of sippy cups. He appears to have no interest in straws whatsoever!)

He only took a cat nap when he got home, which surprised us, but he made it to his usual bed time. He was not thrilled with having therapy when he got home, but he survived it! Woke up this morning ready to go, and had another super day, and no naps after he got home. I think he is adjusting very well! His nanny told us when she picked him up today he was very engaged in circle time and playing with his new friends.  It may just be us, but he really seems super engaged and social the past few days, and I really think he has decided to try his hand at comedy….he burped during dinner today and then started laughing hysterically! Boys!!  Anyway, other than the bad jokes he is learning, I truly think this school thing is going to be great for him!

In other news, his speech therapist visited on Monday and did an assessment on his communication skills. Until now she was working on feeding, but he eats great so I don’t think that is a concern any longer. She thinks he is communicating at about a 6 month level and wants to work with him on designating choices. We are working out his BUSY schedule and some insurance things, but will probably start a new mode of therapy soon.

Anyway, that’s the update following school! Nothing else too exciting coming up in the near future, other than a new pediatric ophthalmologist appointment in a few weeks….Daddy P walked out of his last one since he was tired of waiting, so we had to find a new doctor. Hopefully this new one will have a better attitude and bedside manner!




Ready for school!