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“It will be just as logical as having a pillow or a mattress

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Or they can be the most supportive and trustworthy person you

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Missing booger bear!

I can’t believe how long it takes us to update thing thing, and how much changes in that amount of time! Over the past few weeks, G has started army crawling – this video is from 2 weeks ago:

LOVED IT! And even since then, he has started lifting his chest up off the ground higher, looking a bit more like a “real” crawl. Amazing. He is pushing himself up from laying on the ground to sitting a bit more regularly too which is great.

In terms of communication, he is babbling up a storm – mamamamamam, nana, babababa. While he sometimes gets “nana” for banana and his actual “nana”, and sometimes “mama” I can’t quite tell if he is relating these words to the object, or is just luck. As he gets more consistent, we will know! He is also signing “hi,” “bye”, “more”, “all done,” “eat” pretty consistently, and sometimes “milk” and will blow kisses. They say he is signing “yes” at school too….the problem is “hi”, “all done” and “yes” all look pretty much the same in G’s world, so I am having a hard time figuring out what’s he’s trying to hint at sometimes!

School is also now out for summer! We went to a graduation ceremony for the kids moving to Kindergarten – I bawled most of the time. These kids are absolutely extraordinary, and if G can get from where he started to walking across a stage and saying anything, I will be the proudest Mama out there….it is truly amazing what these kids have accomplished and we are proud to be a part of it! We have decided to move G’s big sis to his school as well, and are excited about all the ways she will grow there.

School starts again mid-August – we are blessed G’s grandparents are able to hang out with him for a week while our nanny finishes classes, but we sure do miss him! There is nothing better than his smiles, and it is HARD to get through the day without them!