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Times are a’changin’….

Today was a sad day, at least for Mama C, as today was G’s Physical Therapist’s last day with us. This is because G will be moving to after school care at Rise when school starts up again mid-August, and he won’t be in her service area….and she is so awesome she is also moving to another role and won’t see kids anymore 🙁

Miss M has been with us since he was 2 months old, and has seen me through some of the toughest times when we had NO idea what to expect. She has always been so positive, supportive, and encouraging, and so awesome with G.

He went from this, where we were working on getting him to lift his arms over his shoulders, to this big guy, getting closer to standing every day! G standing 2014

We are so proud of all the progress he’s made, and owe so much of it to Miss M! I am so incredibly bummed I didn’t get any pics of G and M today! He was doing awesome “crawling” up the stairs and his army crawling is just awesome. So we will continue to work on getting on all fours for “real” crawling, and lots of standing practice.

With that, we leave for vacation for almost 2 weeks tomorrow, and come back to a new school year at Rise! Big sis C will be at school with G, which she is super excited about. G will be in the same class as last year so we are looking forward to that, and hoping for a smooth transition for sister C!