Using our Roomba as a therapy tool

We have had a dead battery in our Roomba for the last few months and haven’t been able to use it.  We’ve had it for a few years and the kids always tollerated it but never really showed an interest in it other than complaining that it was too loud pilules de viagra.  Recently, I got a new battery for it because I just stinkin’ love the thing and put it back to work.

It turns out, G is borderline obsessed with it.  This is great as it’s like instant therapy.  The little guy works so hard on his army crawling to get to it.  While he does get upset when it rolls away (see the video below), it is pushing him to work hard.  It’s funny, you get all these toys and things to try to motivate kids, and it turns out that what motivates them the most is a silly little robot vacuum.

Little man and Dr. F

G saw the developmental pediatrician this week – we really liked her, which is great since he will be seeing her for the next 16 years. You know, it’s Austin…there is only one of any specialist… 😉

the appointment wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but beneficial nonetheless. She helped us drill down to G’s behavioral issues, which center around transitions – going from home to car, car to school, and vice versa. Because he is so big, it really is a challenge, especially for Mama C, to control his thrashing and biting attempts. She had some great suggestions on utilizing a visual schedule, music cues, or possibly an object to help develop a routine and anticipate what is coming. We are working with his school and therapists to see what works best for G.

She noticed that he needs alot of “input”, which is why all he wants to do is roll – because of this he may have a harder time developing his motor skills. We are looking into ideas for compression suits (like Theratogs) that gives him the input he wants while allowing him to focus on other milestones.

Dr. F’s main point was that we need to continue developing his motor strength so he can stop focusing so much mental energy on things like sitting up. Once he is stronger, he can use his mental energy for other skills like speech. She feels his speech probably won’t develop much until he is physically stronger.

He did show brief purposeful play which is great, and she was extremely encouraging about the neighborhood we will be moving into in a few months – they have one of the best special ed programs which is of course why we chose it 🙂

We are going to go back in 3 months for more extensive testing like we received at First Steps, but she was encouraged that his 2 evaluations showed progress, and our visit continued to show ongoing progress. She guessed he is as at a 10-12 month developmental level, but the next round of testing will be more insightful.

And with that, the long awaited Upsee! G is not loving it to be honest, but we are hopeful it just takes some time getting used to it! Probably not his favorite birthday present, but we look forward to continuing to work with him in it!

G in UpseeThere is also a short video, but Mama C is technically challenged in how to get it from the phone to the computer 🙂 Someday….!


G turns 2!

It is hard to believe our little man is 2! He has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time and we are so very proud of him! Here are a few pics from his Elmo birthday party at a local splash pad, complete with his first taste of a donut!

G bday 20142unnamed G bday 20143G had his two year check up and overall it was great….however, despite the donuts, there is some concern that he hasn’t gained weight in 6 months…still at 26 pounds. He is 36 inches long (95th percentile!) but has moved from 90th to 45th percentile of weight. I was a bit shocked because he sure feels like he is gaining weight, nor am I sure I can handle another ounce of that big guy!

We will go back in 3 months for a weight check and hopefully he will have gained something…thinking back to his NICU and infant days, we had to supplement his feeding and have him weighed every week to be sure he was growing (and for a long time he wasn’t!). I hate thinking back to those days or of underlying causes, but am hopeful he was just having a “skinny” day – we will be eating lots of ice cream over the next few months!

Tomorrow is a visit with “the” developmental pediatrician in town – we have been waiting 2 years to see her, and usually she doesn’t see kids before 3….we are hopeful it will be an informative visit and provide some insight into G’s current status. We know we are doing everything we possibly can to support him, so we don’t expect action per se, but it’s comforting to see progress since his last evaluation.