Our Waddler is moving on up….!

On Friday we had G’s End of Year review – this consists of an hour meeting with his lead teacher and all of the school therapists that work with him. It is a whirlwind of information, but so very informative, encouraging, and a reminder of just how amazing this school is! G started in Ms. A’s class January 2014, so after a year and a half, she has seen the full transformation of our little man – when he started he could barely sit up and didn’t move….now, he sits on a stool on his own (and is even making progress in getting off the chair on his own!), army crawls wherever he wants to go, has a charming, joking personality, can feed himself, and so much more. We laughed alot about the things he HATED when he started school – specifically, the rain stick and anything tactile (paints, mud, etc) and now those are the very things he LOVES!

We reviewed G’s goals for the year which were:
Cognitive: 1) Demonstrate appropriate play with 3 familiar objects in the class (books, blocks, etc.) – MET
2) Imitate with objects and actions (ie, peer pushes car, G pushes car) – PROGRESS

Social – Emotional: 1) Sign a greeting and closing while maintaining eye contact – PROGRESS
2) Engage in turn taking by signing “me” or “my Turn” – MET

Self Help/Adaptive: 1) Use a fork to self feed and return the fork to the table 10 bites at lunch – MET
2) Sign “more eat” to request more food at meal times – PROGRESS

Physical therapy: 1) Stomp each foot one time while sitting on a stool to demonstrate dynamic sitting balance and lower abdominal strength – MET
2) Use a piece of furniture to pull up to tall kneeling – MET

Speech therapy: 1) Follow directions to put an object in a box – MET
2) Sign “more” and “my turn” – MET

Occupational therapy: 1) Purposefully imitate both vertical and horizontal strokes – NOT MET
2) Place 3 large beads on a vertically standing dowel – PROGRESS

Overall, everyone had such great things to say regarding his progress, determination, and self motivation. When he decides he wants to do something, he will figure out a way to make it happen. We set new goals for the next school year, to be shared in another post 🙂 The one we are forgoing is the desire for him to purposefully imitate horizontal and vertical strokes – the intent of this is to set him up for handwriting, but we aren’t sure his strokes will ever be “purposeful”, so it may not be fair to ask him to do this when he most likely won’t be writing anyway. Next year’s goals seems to focus much on communicating via iPad, which will be exciting to watch. We are already working on this some, and since he does love technology, he seems to love the iPad! We will see where that leads us….!

Yellow day!I think this pic pretty much sums up how much he loves school!
It’s sometimes easy for us to gloss over the amazing things he does daily. He works so hard just to sit up, much less stand, crawl, and eat. It is a great reminder to review his goals and see just how far he has come in year (9 months really!) – his determination is beyond words, and I have no doubt will continue to push him to new, amazing things!

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So it’s baffling that the film goes to such lengths to show

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You have the advantage of offering a service that almost

This type of learning situation or surrounding can be a benefit to those who are introverts because they can concentrate more on their work. They can thrive because they would rather not have the noise or constant interruption like in traditional classroom settings. These noise makers are called the learners and they are most likely extroverts.

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When he wanted sex, she be sent upstairs to prepare because he

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