New school year has begun!

G started school last Monday and we are all glad to be back in the swing of things! He is adjusting well to his new classroom and teachers, and is happy to met his new friends. A few of his Waddler friends are in his new class (Toddler II!), but it’s mostly new friends! Here are a few pics from the first week:

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His school therapists are still around, so they have been helping him get set up in the new environment, and it sounds like he will be transitioning around the school in his gait trainer, which is super to get those muscles moving. His private PT loved his standing yesterday, he didn’t lose too much strength over his “relaxing” summer home with mom!  He starts music therapy tomorrow, and based on the progress we have seen with him vocally, I know the one on one attention will be great. And it’s his favorite thing to do, so he will have a blast!

On the medical front, we saw his eye doctor, and the patches are working which is good news. By strengthening his left eye with patches we will hopefully be able to avoid surgery. We will keep it up and see him again in a few months and hope progress continues. He was fitted for new SMOs today (the braces he wears on his feet) so I am betting he will be much more comfy with ones that actually fit 😉

This amazing guy turns 3 on Sunday and we are just in awe of the things he accomplishes every day. He was woken up at 3 am last night (thanks to sister), and he was so mad, he was pulling himself up to tall kneeling (a big PT goal), and then putting a foot down to stand (another big goal!)!! I was so thrilled and yet so terrified he would fall head first out of his crib! He keeps working so hard and you can just see things clicking in that big head of his. Stay tuned for birthday pics coming soon!