Last week of school!

2016-06-17 10.48.27
G at the Thinkery (childrens museum) with a friend – he was a little wet!

We cannot believe how quickly the school year has flown by, as the last day of school is this Friday! Graham has had an amazing year – his vocalizations have exploded, he independently walks in his gait trainer around his classroom, school, and playground, and his “writing” (aka scribbling with a crayon) has progressed immensely! We are working on drawing circles, but he can fairly consistently draw lines across and up and down. He has his version of “no” down (“nah” with a head shake), can say some of his friends names, and can properly identify shapes and colors most of the time. He gets into tall knees without thinking twice (this was so hard for him just a few months ago), and in his quest to stand up by himself, is often found in a downward dog pose trying to figure out how to get his torso up. He consistently amazes us with his progress, but the end of the school year is always a great reminder of all that he has accomplished!

We did see his developmental pediatrician a few weeks ago, and she agreed his progress is great. Nothing earth shattering with that visit (thank goodness, last time she brought us to his craniosynostosis diagnosis!) and we will just continue to see her every 6 months, mostly to make sure he continues progressing.

In the meantime, G has been measured for a new gait trainer and a power chair. We are still confident he will walk someday, but even then, he won’t have the endurance to walk a full school day most likely and will need another mode of transportation. Also, we have met
our out of pocket maximum thanks to his surgery, so we do feel we should go ahead and get any equipment while we don’t have to pay for it 🙂 We will trial a power chair next week and hope he enjoys it more than   we tried it, about a year ago. He also needs a new stander (he is growing so fast!!!), however apparently our current insurance company won’t cover that and a gait trainer, so we had to make a choice. Obviously we want him walking more than just standing, so that was that.

2016-06-08 19.58.30
Playing in the rain!

In terms of therapy, our school district approved him to get speech therapy 2x week next school year!!! We are thrilled about that, and, he will be able to see the current Rise speech therapist, so it won’t have to be a new therapist, which is even better! He will continue speech, physical, and occupational over the summer, and take a break from much therapy as his therapist will be out of state. He is doing AMAZING things there,
including composing this masterpiece! I know I am biased, but I think it is AMAZING!!!

And lastly, one of G’s most recent tricks: