The last 6 months…. (oops!)

(ha ha, I thought I posted this AGES ago….but nope, it’s been sitting here in “drafts”! My life!)

so, instead of apologizing for all the things I forgot to share over the past 6 months, I will just jump in with some highlights….(for those reading this in email, there are several videos…you have to go to the post to see them though!)

1) Walking….it started with G’s school Halloween parade, when he walked in his gait trainer turned into a walker (without chest supports) all by himself! It was the first time I had seen him so unsupported and was elated with his motivation to do it himself!

Then, not even a month later, he took steps just holding hands over the Thanksgiving break!

Such a great day! He turned a corner that very day, and now all he wants to do is walk. He was walking from the car to church today, and threw a fit when it was time to go into class because he just wanted to keep walking around…mind you, it was also 22 degrees outside (and it never gets that cold here!!)! He still needs support of some sort, but his progress provides so much hope, and we just know he will get there eventually.

All that to say, he will always have a wheelchair and will most likely not run a marathon or go on a hike, but, to have some independence to get around school and home is amazing.  We are very much looking forward to finally having pants without holes in them, and sparing our muscles from picking him up all day long – at 40 pounds it isn’t feasible much longer

2) Hippotherapy – Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational or speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement. Hippotherapy literally means “treatment with the help of the horse” and the rhythmic, three-dimensional movement can improve the flexibility, posture, balance and mobility of the rider.

We have been on the wait list for months, and are thrilled to finally get a regular spot at Red Arena.  They are an amazing organization that does so much for the special needs community. G was only a few months old when someone told us about it, and we finally had some flexibility to get him out to the country to ride horses. G has always loved animals, so he loves to get there and look at the horses…it’s quite the challenge when it is time to go!

3) Speech – He is so vocal now! We don’t have much video of him talking, but he very clearly says mama, dada, “i see”, all done, “mmm” for more, puppy, poof (the dogs name), hi, no (of course), and then lots of babbling and sounds! We are working on Ps and Ms right now. He continues to amaze us with his receptive language as he shows us he understands what we are saying quite often.

4) Doctor updates – No news is good news 🙂 There are still some concerns about his weight (he is super skinny and tall), but his doc is going to give it another 6 months before being too concerned. We saw his developmental pediatrician and she is ready to talk about autism now – as his physical development has progressed so much since she last saw him, she can now see where his social skills haven’t. For example, he doesn’t react the same way typical children would in certain situations – he says the same phrases over and over, he gets very upset and inconsolable with certain actions (ie, a specific turn on our drive home from school), he continues to have behavioral issues that lead to melt downs we can’t control. She won’t diagnose him until he has full testing in another 6 months, but we are hopeful for the diagnosis as it opens up WAY MORE services covered by insurance.

G has a new push chair on the way, and a power chair! The silly insurance people denied the transit ties for his push wheelchair, essentially meaning he couldn’t get to school or out of the house (not that we have a wheelchair accessible van yet…), and they denied the canopy so our pale little white boy would fry when we leave the house in the daytime….so, that is the current battle we are fighting…it’s always something!

6) School district – it was a long fought battle, but we have given up for the time being (and maybe Daddy P can write another post on that whole thing!). Basically, we felt AISD was giving G next to nothing when it comes to OT and PT services, and we weren’t agreeable to what they were offering. Our next step is obtaining an attorney – we decided that due to all the issues we are having (and he is only 4!), we would rather keep him at the amazing Rise school for one more year (when he will have to leave), and avoid the AISD fight for another year. While I am disappointed with the school districts decision, I am glad that G will be able to continue learning with his second family at the Rise school!

Dressed up for the holiday ball!
Dressed up for the holiday ball!