3 year check up and more!

All good! G weighed in at 29 3/4 pounds, putting him in the 25th percentile of weight, while measuring at the 85th percentile of height. His doctor thinks as he is getting stronger, he will build up muscle and bulk up a bit that way, and he is just leaning towards the tall and lanky body type. So the great news is he did gain weight this time around and while a bit low, isn’t too concerning at this time. Yay!

Otherwise he had a glowing report and no additional actions needed! That seems like a first 🙂 He didn’t have any immunizations this time around, but he was very brave through his flu shot. I always hate thinking he doesn’t understand why we are putting him through such torture!

Along with turning three, his participation in <a href="http://www.dars achat viagra en ligne en france.state.tx.us/ecis/” target=”_blank”>Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) terminates. We have utilized the services available through ECI for his vision therapy primarily, but interspersed Speech, Occupational, and Physical since birth. Since we had great private insurance (before June!) we didn’t utilize ECI for most services, but it was helpful to have a social worked involved to guide us through the world of services for disabled individuals. For many children, upon turning 3 they enroll in PPCD- Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities. Since G is at an amazing private preschool which offers more comprehensive services than PPCD, we didn’t consider this too much. However, we have recently learned of a fund which is available to kids that attend private preschool, that assists with the cost of therapy. In order to have access, we need to go through the process as if we are attending school in the school district – through the ARD process (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) we will develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for G. That IEP will determine what services he is available for and what he would need to attend PPCD (ie, special aide, speech assistance device, etc.), at which point we will say thanks, but no thanks, we want to stay at private school, give us the money 😉

It is an overwhelming process involving an immense number of people – I have my third meeting with the school district coming up in 2 weeks – this is the first time G will attend with me for his official “evaluation.” From that evaluation the school district has 60 days to develop a plan and schedule the ARD meeting. We are unsure what to expect since there are so many horror stories out there, but are trying to gather as much information and data to be the best possible advocates for our little man. It is very difficult to find information, many folks within the school district I speak with don’t know anything about the fund we want to access (Proportionate Share), and the only place to find information is through other parents, Federal regulations regarding Individuals with Disabilities Educations Act (IDEA), or the State of Texas laws (not fun reading). Prayers for this process are welcome and we hope to have a positive outcome to report by the end of the year!

I am having a hard time loading pictures from G’s trip to Maine last week, so once I figure out the issue there, we will get them up for your viewing pleasure!

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