A day in the life….

Thought we’d share with you some pictures and video of G in his day to day activities….Here are some recent snapshots from school:

Playing doctor


Kisses from a friend!

More kisses!

(His face cracks me up in this one!)
(His face cracks me up in this one!)
Music time!
Painting with doughnuts!
Eating his doughnut paintbrush
Eating his doughnut paintbrush

As you can see, he is quite the ladies man….;) I love watching him be a “big boy” and his school is so incredible and getting him to participate in activities the same as the typical kids. His sensory issues used to be a huge issue with any art activity, but now he gladly participates without pulling away! I also love seeing him sitting up so straight in a chair- you can see he is the biggest boy in his class…by far!

So then we drive the 45 minutes home (wah wah), and while Mama C cooks dinner, the rest of the fam is usually doing something like this:

Sister C is great about playing with her brother and especially if it helps her own argument to get her way…for example, according to Sister C, he is often saying he wants to watch more “Princess Sofia”, even though I am pretty sure he is saying Sesame Street 😉 (Note: he doesn’t say any words, but we are working on interpreting his grunts!)

Yesterday a therapist did tell me G was saying “mo” for “more” and another told me he was saying “ha” for “hi”….I haven’t heard these yet, but in this video you can see G forming a “m” sound when I ask him to say “more”…we are working on it and hopeful we will get some words out of him 🙂


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