A few photos from Seattle and Alaska…

G obviously had a great time on our trip, we got the best pictures of him that we have ever seen! So, we of course wanted to share 🙂2014-08-01 20.26.31 2014-08-07 11.16.13 2014-08-07 20.38.10 2014-08-07 20.38.57 2014-08-08 09.31.34Tomorrow is his first day of school! The newly built school was supposed to open last week, but the inspections weren’t complete, so they had to push it back a week. We are excited to see the new facility, we hear it is amazing!  He is in the same class as last year, so it shouldn’t be too traumatic….hopefully he will fall right back into the schedule and be thrilled to see his teachers again!

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