All kinds of updates…

G and ball 3_14

It’s ridiculous how long it’s been since we have posted, and yet so many things have happened….!

1. Daddy P took G to another eye doctor who said he didn’t think he had CVI. We were pleasantly surprised and happy for a bit, but since then have heard terrible things about this particular doctor (!)…and he is also the only other pediatric ophthalmologist in Austin! SO, now we have an appointment with a neuro-ophthalmologist in Houston in a few months. Regardless, his vision therapists do say he is doing very well, and I guess that is all that matters 🙂

2. Now that G has been in school a few months, Mama C and Daddy P met with G’s teachers and therapists there to discuss his goals. We were immensely impressed with the thorough written report they provided and the level of detail. The most fascinating thing we learned is that G does things in music therapy he doesn’t otherwise do – for example, mouthing words during songs, stomping his feet, hitting a drum. Since we didn’t really know what music therapy was to begin with, we have learned a lot and that there really is a science that kids learn and do things differently when applied to music rather than being told. It was super interesting and even now I have started incorporating “singing” (Daddy P would argue the validity of that word) in my directions to G and he really responds differently. Other than that, it was pretty much as expected but they did brag on him quite a bit and say how glad they were he was there….which after all the drama to get him in there, was nice to hear! Supposedly he gives kisses too…I haven’t seen it yet!

3. Sadly, G’s Occupational Therapist moved to Houston last week and we are super sad. She and G had a hilarious relationship – he loved her and yet didn’t like her all at the same time.

G and Pat 3_2014G and Pat 2 3_14

It was so funny to watch their relationship and his fussing 🙂 and we are so sad to see her go. She was with him since he was 6 months old and has been a huge help in his life, as well as a great support to Mama C in yelling at insurance and wheelchair vendors when necessary! We are looking for a new therapist, but with his school schedule, they haven’t been able to find a replacement. We are contemplating looking into outpatient therapy centers instead which would require we take him somewhere once or twice a week. We have loved the in-home therapy, and our benefits are awesome and they come 2xweek for free…if we go the other route, we pay a copay and only have 30 visits a year, a big change! BUT, they tend to have more equipment that we otherwise don’t have access to, like treadmills and pools and such to give more ways to learn.  We will see….

4. Our new favorite picture 🙂 It was a bit of a miracle Daddy P captured this, G really doesn’t stand for more than a few seconds, but we love how proud he is of himself in this photo!

G standing smile 3_2014


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