And, back where we started…kind of.

Little G did awesome today! We arrived at the hospital and despite not eating for almost 12 hours, he wasn’t furious…what a trooper.

2013-03-26 10.01.37Putting in his tubes took about 5 minutes – his ENT let us know he had quite a bit of fluid in both ears, so this should alleviate his ongoing ear infections. Hopefully!

The downside was his hearing test, or ABR (auditory brain stem response). His last ABR reflected hearing loss in his right ear, and perfect hearing in his left. 6 months later, and this one reflected hearing loss in his LEFT eat and perfect hearing in his RIGHT! WHAT?? Not what we were expecting – the hope was that the right would come back as fine, and we can attribute the prior issues to fluid and be done with it. Now, things are a bit more complicated because they had just drained his ears, and still there seems to be hearing loss.

We know there are no issues with his Nerve of Hearing which is a great thing, so that leaves us with issues with the bones in his middle ear or fluid. I am no doctor, but seems to me if there were problems with the bones, they wouldn’t have disappeared – bones don’t miraculously change! (as far as I know!)

Now they want us to do another ABR (which means sedating again). At this point, I am in no hurry – we feel like he can hear, and the audiologist confirmed again she does not have concerns about his speech and language development, which is the main concern for solving this at such a young age.

We will see the ENT in a few weeks and get his thoughts…again. Just wish it was a bit more simple than the ongoing inconclusive results!

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