And I quote…. “rockstar”

Following Dr. F’s evaluation last week, I have been working with his awesome therapists on their opinions of what to do next. His PT, the amazing Ms. S, wrote the following email in response – Daddy P and I couldn’t be more proud and in awe of his super fast progression in the gait trainer!

“I think him walking more throughout out the day is going to really help his tone! He did amazing on Thursday. We walked without the seat and he only needed occasional help to remain standing (only about 20% of the time). Furthermore, he took alternating steps 90% of the time…no more bunny hopping! That is amazing progress in such a short amount of time! He wanted to keep walking the whole session, but my back was giving out! So we stopped after about 30 minutes and then worked in quadruped over a stool (the ones in the music room) and he only needed occasional help to stay on hands and knees while turning the pages in a book.

He continues to be a rock star in PT!”

What a cool little dude. Hoping we don’t lead him into a regression during the upcoming 3 week holiday break!

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