Sitting to Crawling (kinda)

G’s figured out recently that he loves being on his belly.  It’s been a real riot for us to see him figure this out and show how much he loves it.  You can see a video of it below.

This is a big step for him in terms of getting ready to crawl.  When he’s on his belly, he’s still moving around primarily by rolling, but you can see him pulling his legs in like he’s about to crawl.  And he loves this new trick he’s figured out that it makes it impossible to feed him when he’s not in his chair.  This weekend, while we were camping, we had the hardest time getting him to stay up in a sitting position while feeding him.  He’d grab some food and down he’d go.  We’re thrilled, obviously, to see his progress.

The next step is getting back into a sitting position which we’ve only seen him do twice.  But from there it’s on to crawling and then walking!

And here’s another video of him we took recently. He had a lot to say on easter to all of his fans.