Our Little Stud Cruisin’ for Chicks

We recently received our gait trainer for little G that we had ordered about a month ago.  The gait trainer allows G to progress towards walking while giving him the support he needs to be upright.  We haven’t been able to use it much at home but sent it to school so his PT could work with him.

The following video was sent by his PT, Stephanie, and is a short excerpt from his sojourns throughout his school as he cruises for ladies.  Check out the sweet “Lookin’ at you Jill!” and “Nice dress Anne, it’s totally your color!” sign language he gives the ladies as they walk by.  Little stud.


G’s First Bananas

G had a successful first time with his bananas today viagra online france.  Little C was there to offer encouragement and watch all of the excitement.

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