Christmas miracles!

Several months ago, one of G’s therapists suggested we look into a specialized trike that would allow him to ride a bike with his friends and sister. While we do have a regular tricycle for him, he can’t keep his feet on the pedals and isn’t much use for him. We looked into it, had G measured, and put our name on the wait list. It is completely customizable, so G’s version allows him to power it with both his legs and hands, and in addition to foot straps, comes with gloves to strap his hands on.  I was sure it would be a year or so before we received a bike, so imagine my shock when I received a call on December 21st that G’s bike had arrived and they were building it that night for pick up tomorrow! I couldn’t believe it and was so thrilled to give G his very own bike that we hope(d) he can power on his own!

The organization that provides these bikes is called Ambucs and here is a blurb about what they do:

Capital City Ambucs promotes abilities, not disabilities. Our goal is to provide children with disabilities with the opportunity to ride bikes. Our primary focus is on organizing fundraisers in order to raise money to purchase amtrykes which we then donate on a first come first serve basis to applicants on the wait list at no cost to the family.

Amtrykes help children improve motor skills, provide strength training, are fun to ride and offer the opportunity for inclusive play. They also provide a new form of mobility, exercise, and freedom to explore the community.

On Tuesday, sister C and I picked up the new amtryke from the hospital and headed home to wait for Christmas day! What a day it was! Gifts were piled high
(see G opening gifts in his awesome new cube chair here), there was much food to be eaten, and naps to be taken, so it was 3 in the afternoon before we were able to present G with his new bike. A bit to our surprise, he LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!  Here are a few videos – do note that we need some help from his PT and OT to get him set up correctly, so we were just giving it our best shot – I am sure he will look better on it once we get him set up the right way! While in the video we are mostly pushing him, he is already making progress and figuring out how to push his legs to make it go on his own. This will be ongoing great therapy for him, hopefully in disguise!

and heading home…..

We are so grateful to kind people in this world to donate to these trikes, both with their time and money. We look forward to getting further involved and supporting Ambucs so others can experience the miracle of watching children achieve things never thought possible! I understand there are Ambucs organizations nationally, should you be looking for an amazing organization to support!

Merry Christmas to all – I do hope everyone experiences their own Christmas miracle in some form or fashion, or feel free to rejoice in ours!

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