Chunky G_2013

In case you haven’t seen it in person lately, check out that belly!! Baby G is quite the big boy…last I checked, over 19 pounds. He has the big ole’ belly, creases around his ankles and wrists…there is no question he is thriving!  Daddy P and I are so grateful that his eating is one thing that is going surprisingly well. Many times kids with hypotonia (low muscle tone) have difficulty eating because the low tone also involves the muscles required to chew and swallow. With everything else, we assumed this would be a problem for him as well. Not to mention all those neonatalogists in NICU telling us he would never learn to eat and needs to be fed through a tube!  I am so very tempted to take him up to St. David’s just to show him off!

His speech therapist (who works on feeding at this point, not his joke telling!) came today and even she was quite amazed at the progress he has made, and decreased her visits to once a month! This is great news!

Our original goal was to have him eating baby foods three times a day. Not only is he eating 4-6 ounces of food a day, he is even tolerating chunkier foods with texture. We have stuck to fruits and veggies – he LOVES apple sauce, peaches, and mango. I will have you know he even ate a healthy portion of bok choy tonight! He is not too interested in finger foods, although he has been mouthing a teething biscuit. We are trying to get him used to the idea of self feeding, but with his lack of gross motor (and fine motor) skills, that will probably be quite some time.  I am hoping his healthy appetite will get him motivated to get those hands in his mouth!

Lil G turns the big nine months this week, so we will be checking in with his pediatrician. The past few months have been pretty low key – still working on his developmental skills of course, but he hasn’t been sick, the tubes in his ears seem to be working, and he has been mingling the young ladies at the local Gymboree class. Will keep you posted on what the pedi has to say, not to mention his official weigh in!

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