Coming Up Next: A Stander!

We met with Lil G’s Physical therapist and a medical device company today to talk about standers. Why, you might ask? Well, this little picture talks about the proven medical benefits of getting the little guy off the floor acheter de la viagra. stander

For G specifically, there is a bit of a concern that without putting weight on his hips,  he could experience difficulty later because those joints and muscles haven’t been used. The plan is for him to be in the stander for about an hour a day. We chose the EasyStand Bantam which has the flexibility of sitting, so he will have a variety of new viewpoints.

It will be several months before it gets here, but we are excited to have the process underway.  Next will be ordering him Supra-malleolar Orthosis (SMOs) – they will be used when he is in the stander to give him stability. The hope is that they will be sufficient without having to move to Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFOs) – they come up higher on his leg, which means they do more of the work than his leg muscles. The more we can make the little guy work, the better!

Oh, and finally, we have an evaluation scheduled with a vision therapist next Friday! We are anxious to see what she has to say, and will be a great segue for another opthamologist appointment the following Monday.

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