Just a quick post – I love both these pics captured by a neighbor – we had an Easter egg hunt at our house, and G stood up for a group picture (and so straight!), AND he captured G with his newest accomplishment – crawling on all fours, up on his hands! Usually, he is on his forearms, but every now and then he will get up on his hands, which is what we want!

G easter egg hunt 2016_2

G easter egg hunt 2016

He wasn’t so interested in the eggs, but had fun crawling all over the yard and having all the kids around. You also can see him donning his (not so) fashionable Carhartt overalls, the only thing we have found that doesn’t rip with all his crawling. All of his jeans have holes in them, so at this point, anytime he goes outside we put these on him and it saves a bit on our clothing budget 😉

Hope everyone had a super Easter!


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