Early Childhood Intervention –  ECI is a statewide program for  children, birth to three, with disabilities and developmental delays. While in the NICU, ECI came up fairly often, as well as First Steps, a high risk follow up clinic. It was all a bit confusing, but we wound up with private therapies with First Steps (occupational and physical). At our most recent visit to First Steps, at 6 months, they recommended getting G involved with ECI – they want to get his “case” established with them so we he transfers to the school system, which disabled kids often do at 3, he already has a case manager and the transition is easier.

This past week ECI came out to see our little guy… they agreed he should stay with his current therapies, and they will see him for speech therapy to help G with his eating. While he can get some food down, he gags at times and surely can’t eat like most kiddos his age.  His new therapist will start in a few weeks  and will come every other week – BUSY little G!


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