Finally…an update!

G is doing great! He has been so much fun lately it’s really sidetracking our updates, obviously!

We received his stander a while ago, and he is doing pretty well in it. It takes some serious practice getting him in that thing, and once he is in there, he tends to do this Elvis thing and put all his weight on one hip (which is quite hilarious actually). But, it’s practice and weight on his legs regardless. We aim for him to be in it 2 hours a day and as long as we keep him occupied, he usually isn’t too fussy.

I apparently filmed him sideways in the stander, so I don’t have video to share…we will try to capture him in in one of these days!

His wheelchair should get here in the next week, so we are excited about that. We were at breakfast with friends yesterday and G was super fussy. We were sitting in a booth and grabbed a booster seat so he was able to sit higher and see everyone- what a difference it made! He was so happy to be a part of the conversation (and see out the window!), so I think the wheelchair will be really great at enabling him to socialize when we are out to eat.

We had friends over for dinner this week and they have two adorable sons – and G LOVED hanging out with the big boys! They had him belly laughing and it was so great to see him so engaged.

And lastly, check out this video! G is signing “milk”! I haven’t been able to get him to do it myself, but if this is a sign of him starting to communicate with us, we are thrilled! Hopefully it will get more consistent…he doesn’t make much of any verbal communication, so we are hopeful that if he won’t speak he will be able to sign.

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