G and the VT

Lil G had an evaluation today for vision therapy. As usual, they came supplied with yet another diagnosis for G we hadn’t heard yet – legally blind. Hmmm, well…as I was complaining about his ophthalmologist and the varying information everyone she communicates with anyone she talks to, the vision therapist (VT) actually noted she thinks the doctor is doing G a favor. By indicating CVI, and that he is legally blind, he can qualify for therapy. He is right on the cusp of qualifying so she thinks the doc is trying to push him over the edge so he can every opportunity possible for assistance. I can support that. 🙂

G performed much better than the VT was expecting – while he didn’t connect with her (and 2 other folks with her), she saw him connect with me and the banana I was eating (of course, that little piggy!), indicating his brain connected me with good things to come. Whereas with strangers, his brain wouldn’t connect them to anything and therefore he doesn’t really care to notice them.

He was very interested in a bright orange fuzzy ball and she was impressed the way he tracked it and followed it around. We have a similar toy that is much smaller which he was interested in, but not nearly as much, indicating the size makes a difference – the bigger it is, the more likely he can process what he is seeing.

We talked about his love for light, and how he will focus on things when the blinds are open now – when he was a baby, he would do NOTHING but look at the window. She noted this indicates progress with his CVI and his brain learning to filter things out and focus. It requires more work for him to filter out the “clutter” in his vision field and really see what we want him to.

She is encouraged with his ability to use both sides of his body (many ACC kids have difficulty), and that he doesn’t seem to have issues with his peripheral vision. She noted the way we usually sit against the couch (solid without a pattern) which is against a cream wall – not much to clutter his vision and we are helping him learn what to focus on . Lastly we talked about books and focusing on those that aren’t too busy with solid colors and with 3D affects.

Having said all that, we decided to proceed with VT – they will come 2x a month for a few months, and then probably go down to once a month. We want to set him up for the best outcomes, and this will help give us ideas of how to help him process what he sees, without being overwhelmed.

I wish I had a picture to post. He is so smiley these days, its adorable. I will get one soon! Monday he will have  physical therapy, speech therapy, and vision therapy, and an ophthalmologist appt on Tuesday. Busy boy!

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