G turns 2!

It is hard to believe our little man is 2! He has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time and we are so very proud of him! Here are a few pics from his Elmo birthday party at a local splash pad, complete with his first taste of a donut!

G bday 20142unnamed G bday 20143G had his two year check up and overall it was great….however, despite the donuts, there is some concern that he hasn’t gained weight in 6 months…still at 26 pounds. He is 36 inches long (95th percentile!) but has moved from 90th to 45th percentile of weight. I was a bit shocked because he sure feels like he is gaining weight, nor am I sure I can handle another ounce of that big guy!

We will go back in 3 months for a weight check and hopefully he will have gained something…thinking back to his NICU and infant days, we had to supplement his feeding and have him weighed every week to be sure he was growing (and for a long time he wasn’t!). I hate thinking back to those days or of underlying causes, but am hopeful he was just having a “skinny” day – we will be eating lots of ice cream over the next few months!

Tomorrow is a visit with “the” developmental pediatrician in town – we have been waiting 2 years to see her, and usually she doesn’t see kids before 3….we are hopeful it will be an informative visit and provide some insight into G’s current status. We know we are doing everything we possibly can to support him, so we don’t expect action per se, but it’s comforting to see progress since his last evaluation.

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