G’s Mickey birthday!

A bit delayed, but here are some pics of G’s big weekend turning THREE!

It all started with a Mickey party – he loved it at first, but once he saw the cupcakes, it was all over – there was only one thing on his mind at that point! Lucky dude smiled his way into 3 cupcakes….mama had to put her foot down after that!

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Brunch the next day and opening gifts…

2015-08-23 11.57.03

2015-08-23 09.42.51

And lastly, an evening at the circus!! G LOVED it! We weren’t sure he would make it through, but he loved all that was going on. Couldn’t get much of a picture since there was so much to look at!

2015-08-23 16.45.08

Our favorite G story was when these guys came out on motorcycles and rode around in this big sphere (how they didn’t crash, I have no idea) – the whole time G was signing “my turn, my turn” – it was hilarious. Of course if Mama C has anything to do with it, he will not be getting on a motorcycle ever! πŸ˜‰

It was rough getting back into the school routine after such a busy weekend! G’s big birthday present was music therapy once a week with his music therapist at school – he has it 4 days a week in a group setting, but we are giving him once a week one on one time in addition. He loves it so much and she sends us a great email and pictures every week – this week he was furious when it was time to sing the good bye song and threw one of his fits all the way back to class. hee, hee – I am sorry he was so mad and the teachers had to put up with it, but we LOVE when we find something he is so interested in! Β He is approximating words and apparently loves the piano! Maybe we will end up with some musical talent in this family after all?!

We are leaving for Maine tomorrow, and will come back to several doctor visits for the little man. As for his 3 year check up, here’s hoping he gained enough weight we can go one year without talking about a “feeding issue” and getting a g-tube! Nothing but dessert for the little man while on vacation, we gotta fatten him up for his weigh in!


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  1. I laughed loudly in the library, when I read “my turn”. I can imagine him :)) and beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing them with G’s lovers πŸ˜‰

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