G’s recent adventures

A few weeks ago, G saw a neuro-opthamologist in Houston at Texas Childrens. She was super with him, and confirmed what we thought – no CVI! We are thrilled and glad to have the confirmation from someone we trust. G’s eyes do cross some, but it could just be his overall weak muscles…we will keep an eye (ha!) on it, and eventually he may need surgery if it doesn’t get better. Overall, great news!

This week, we had an “End of year” conference at G’s school with his teacher and therapists. It wasn’t that long ago that we met with them to kick off his short school year, and in the FOUR months he has been there, everyone is amazed at how much progress he has made!!

Fine Motor – he met his goal to scribble with a crayon, and will continue to work on picking up small items with a pincer grasp. We also added the goals to use his index finger to point or push a button, and purposefully make vertical and horizontal lines (shaving cream, crayons, etc.)

Gross Motor – G met both of his goals 1) weight shift in prone on elbows to reach for a toy without lowering his head 2) maintain side sitting to play with a free hand. His new goals are 1) combat crawl forward 3-5 ft 2) maintain quadruped for 30 seconds (on all fours)

Speech – G met his goal to use 3-5 signs – he is using “more”, “eat” and “bye”. An ongoing goal is choosing between objects by pointing to what he wants. Currently they show him pictures (ie a cup and a fork) and he has to point to what he wants. While he isn’t imitating speech sounds, he does express himself with specific noises which are good communication skills. We will also continue to work on responding to “hi” and “bye”, and signaling “me/I”.

Cognitive – G can maintain attention for morning circle and music time, explores his environment by rolling, appropriately plays with 3-5 objects, and pays attention to books.  We will work on following 1 step directions, playing with more objects, pointing to what he wants, signing, and making more eye contact.

We couldn’t be happier with all he has accomplished at Rise, and know he will have another great year there. He will stay in the same room and have the same teachers which will be great.

One of his newest skills is rolling around EVERYWHERE! He won’t stay still for one minute – we are glad he is feeling so independent, although it’s hard to get him to work on anything else.  Little man is heading to Mexico tomorrow, and we are pretty worried about the plane ride – not sure how to explain to him he can’t roll around on the plane! Wish us luck!


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