Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to the ENT we go…

Today was Little G’s follow up appointment with the ENT, and I went in as if I was preparing for a battle. Research papers in hand, a second opinion from a world renowned pediatric ENT, and most importantly, mother’s intuition that G CAN hear!

Well, to my surprise, there was no battle. While he was equally disappointed that the sedated ABR didn’t come back great, he also didn’t feel we needed to jump right back to a sedated procedure. He had been pressuring me for a CT scan to check the middle ear bones, and he didn’t even bring it up. (And I am whole heartedly against it at this point!)

So, we will go back when G is a year and see what is happening. The crazy thing is, that is just a few months away!!  Time is flying!

In other news, G is doing well with his therapies – he is much less “bobble head” these days when he sits, and the nanny just mentioned he keeps rolling from his side to his belly, which is a new development. He will go back to the eye doctor next week, and we are hopeful they have seen progress in his vision and we are only dealing with near sightedness.  He is eating great and doesn’t make terrible gagging noises anymore, so surely that is progress!  All in all, things are moving along!


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