I think I can, I think I can…

I must admit, I have been feeling a little discouraged recently…now that G is 7 months, rounding up to a year, it seems to hit a little harder home how far he has to go to reach his milestones….when he was 6 months (which still rounded down!), it seemed there was all the time in the world for him to get there, and we were so hopeful he would catch up to his peers in no time. Well, here we are 7.5 months and G can’t sit by himself, roll over, babble…but he sure can smile and giggle, which is awesome. We thank God every day for his little personality which is starting to shine.

Daddy P and I started to wonder if his low muscle tone would go away or if he would be “floppy” all his life.I expressed my concerns to his physical therapist this week and she shared that there is a wide range of “normal” muscle tone, and you can see it just looking around – those folks who slouch have lower muscle tone, and those who sit super upright and stiff have high muscle tone. The important lesson is that while G has low muscle tone, it doesn’t mean he isn’t strong – strength and muscle tone don’t go hand in hand. She did some exercises with him to show his strength and prove to me his muscles do work in there, they just need to get stronger. He has come so far in these 7 months that she does feel confident he will get there. While she can’t say for sure that he will be able to sit or stand or walk, she does feel confident that he will someday.

G is interacting more with his big sis too which is awesome to watch – they played “row, row, row your boat” the other day and he was over the moon. He lights up the minute she is around, and wherever she is, he will kick and squirm trying to get to her – I know she is a huge incentive to him to get mobile, and she loves running around to keep him paying attention!

Lil G received the book “The Little Engine That Could” for Easter and I read it to him today…keeping in mind his attention span is usually a matter of seconds, he sat through that entire book giggling and kicking and wanting more.  He works so very hard every single day to overcome his physical deficits, and in his own little way, he was showing me how much he knows he can do it! He is a huge inspiration and an important lesson to not take one single movement for granted. I love that little guy and can’t wait to see what his next miracle will be.

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  1. You both are such awesome parents, loving and caring. G is so lucky you guys are constantly in his corner. This is definitely a praying family so we know God is involved and will help Graham “get” there. Camden is such a delight and such a treasure for G to watch and go “after.”

  2. he is such an inspriration to all as much your whole family. keep on keeping on we are all praying for you guys. his smile makes the world brighter. thanks for updates.

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