In our hearts!

G had his MRI and CT scan last Wednesday. We were grateful for so many friends and family across the country praying for the procedures, for God to allow G just a few minutes of peace through the tests so that G wouldn’t need to be sedated just for the pictures. While G did not exhibit a shred of peace ;), God provided us with the most amazing technicians who worked with G screaming bloody murder nonstop for 45 minutes. It’s a helpless feeling to not be able to explain to him what is happening or why, and to know you can’t bribe him with ice cream or a cookie like many typical children! While he screamed, the techs were so great with him, explaining what was happening, talking about driving a race car or a rocketship and trying to connect on any level. If you have ever had an MRI, it makes a terribly loud noise, and one tech got in the machine with him (a very tight fit!) and sang the ABCs to him to try to help him relax. I was in the room for all the procedures as well, but I am not sure G had any idea since all he could do was scream.

The CT technician wasn’t sure her pics worked, but didn’t want to radiate him again (thankful someone was thinking that one through!), and the MRI tech thought hers probably came out okay. We left unsure what would happen next, and thankfully the doctor called and said while she could tell he was moving, they would be usable for the next steps.

So, next Thursday, Feb 18, we will meet with a team of craniofacial plastic surgeons and a neurosurgeon to discuss options. We will then find out the results of the MRI and CT, and if there is room for G’s brain to grow in his skull as is, or if we need to proceed with surgery to expand it.

In the meantime, G’s teacher showed me one of his new tricks, and it melted my heart beyond belief – she asked him where he keeps mommy, and he got a big smile and pointed to his heart! I guess that’s something they do daily in class to remember their families or absent friends, and it has sunk in for G. We love when he participates and reflects understanding in things he hears. Daddy P took this video – it’s not the best because Daddy P had just taken away a toy G wants, but you get the idea 🙂

You can also see in this video his new Paw Patrol blanket – I found out his obsession with Paw Patrol as we walked by a t-shirt at Walmart and he went crazy. Since it is so rare that he gets excited about something, you can see we are now stocking up just to see his joy – he won’t go anywhere without that blanket!


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  1. That video made my day. I love how he said daddy. He is precious. I pray for you my little G that something good, very good, happens for you. Love u

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