It may also hint toward the need to set up a tracking system

The UK government needs to follow the referendum to have legitimacy (many europeans will disagree with this because they didn like the outcome). If a judge in the EU says they can undo the result of a referendum (which is triggering article 50), it doesn mean a whole lot wrt the government legitimacy. It does however mean something because it gives the UK an easy way out..

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Enumerate the occurrences of prior infractions similar to the one that is grounds for the letter or reprimand. If there is no paper trail in the employee’s personnel file, this is a good indicator that perhaps the letter of reprimand is premature. It may also hint toward the need to set up a tracking system.

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People without education, who are poorly compensated, are being used in conjunction with more advanced software to perform work that used to be the privilege of expert professionals. Every single profession is being watered down and living standards are going straight to hell. Most people are not going to be able to be “on top of their game” enough to outcompete infinite pools of slave labour armed with advanced AI..

I checked to see how far into it we were at one point because it had felt like a long time had passed and not much has happened and we were just under an hour in. Everything felt misguided to me. Reminded me of the Nic Cage film Knowing. I really just want this season to get worse. This is an embarrassing loss. But it not bad enough.I want full on dumpster fire.

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