Kicking off a new year…

Man, I had really gotten on a roll there at the end of 2014 and then radio silence. Sorry about that – between moving and the holidays I totally missed out on keeping G’s fans up to date!

After a well deserved vacation from school and most therapy, the little ones started back about a month ago. G has been making tremendous progress in his gait trainer – here is a video of him about 2 weeks ago:

You can see he still doesn’t have the stamina to go for long – his core gets tired and he puts his head down often, but looks at those beautiful steps! There is a “seat” that goes in the trainer which we have taken out – that green band keeps his butt from sticking out too far, which is usually what leads him to lose control. With that modification he is doing ana amazing job. He is even getting better at making turns and not losing his footing. It’s so cool to walk into school and see him cruising down the halls!

His OT recently went to a training and learned about all this research that says kids with power chairs love the independence it provides, and actually get more motivated to walk knowing what it’s like to get around easily. I always thought the opposite, that he would see how easy the chair is and lose motivation to learn to walk himself. Anyway, we are now working on getting a trial of a power wheelchair to see how he does. The poor walls of our new house are getting quite the beating! Will post a video once we have it in a few weeks!

Beyond the walking excitement, we continue to work on G’s attitude during transitions – he throws a fit every time we leave school, and now getting out of the gait trainer as well! This involves kicking, thrashing, biting, and screaming. It’s not a pleasant experience, and once he is in his car seat or moved to another activity, totally happy as can be. It’s that 2-3 minutes that are a bit of a nightmare. We have tried favorite toys, singing, a transition board (a visual representation of what he is doing next), all to no avail. I downloaded an app today called “Therapeutic Listening” – I don’t totally understand it, but certain sounds and tones are supposed to help  with their behavior and adjusting to changes. We will see how that goes.

And you may not know, this kid LOVES spaghetti. Like nothing I have ever seen. Here’s a pic from a Mama C and G date night which of course I spoiled him with his favorite!  Oh, you can’t tell here, but he is doing pretty well with using a fork too – a few bites with each meal anyway which is encouraging!

2015-02-07 17.59.49


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