Nine Months…

Baby G is already 9 months old! We can hardly believe how fast it is going. He had his 9 month check up and he measured up with:

  • Weight – 21 lbs, 0 oz – 75th percentile
  • Height – 29.5 in – 95th percentile
  • Head circumference 47.5 in – 98th percentile

Those of you who know Mama C or Lil C…wow! How did we get such a big boy in our family? And so tall!

His checkup was just fine, ears look great, lungs are working, heart is ticking 🙂 The really frustrating part was that BOTH the ENT and the ophthalmologist reported something different to our pediatrician then they had told us. Our pedi seemed to be not very surprised and stressed the importance that we have to be our own advocate. I expressed my ongoing displeasure with the specialists in this city and she validated my fears – there isn’t anywhere else to go. There are TWO pedi ophthalmologists in this entire city and they are in the same practice. We will give it a little more time and then look to go to Houston where we  may have more luck with better specialists.

The last item to note is that our pedi did mention a Neurological clinic at Texas Children’s that G might qualify for. She is going to see about getting him in, but if that’s the case, they would even be able to coordinate seeing all the specialists he needs to see over a few days in Houston, which would be awesome.

And here’s the kicker – in researching that specific clinic, it is apparently staffed and sponsored by the Blue Bird Circle, which my grandmother, who lil G is named after, was extremely involved in. That, my friends, is a God thing. 🙂

Last but not least, a new video 🙂

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