Nothing but good!

Lil G has had a rockstar week…and it’s only Wednesday!

We started with his 12 month check up. Most importantly, our little monkey has gone from <5th percentile in weight and he is now 85th, weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds. He is 31.5 inches long (95th percentile) and has a huge head (98th percentile). Suffice it to say, he is a BIG boy! Nothing too earth shattering at that visit, but our pediatrican was very encouraged with his progress. Poor guy was a trooper through 4 shots too!

Today was our 12 month follow up with First Steps which was AWESOME! They perform the Bayley test, which begins with 8 pages of really annoying questions that rub in all the things G can’t do yet. Then we visit with a developmental pediatrician for an hour while they play with him and see how he reacts.

As a reminder, below were the results from our 6 month visit (a score of 8-12 is average):

  • Cognitive: Score: 7 / Percentile Rank: 16 / Description: Low Average
  • Language: Score: 12 / Percentile Rank: 6 / Description: Borderline
  • Motor: Score: 4 / Percentile Rank: 0.1 / Description: Extremely Low

At 12 months, his results were as follows:

  • Cognitive: Score: 7 / Percentile Rank: 16 / Description: Low Average
  • Language: Score: 18 / Percentile Rank: 34 / Description: Average
  • Motor: Score: 15 / Percentile Rank: 16 / Description: Low Average

Look at that! Nothing but progress! Everyone was really impressed with his improvements in motor. I will say the test seems fairly subjective, but I will take the positive news! His gross motor is what has improved most (mainly because he can sit by himself for a short while), but we still have alot of work to do in fine motor. The biggest focus areas are getting him to pick up small objects (which will be a huge help with feeding!), and recognizing his name. His dietican was blown away by his growth chart, and no one else seems to be concerned about it being too much weight, so that has been encouraging.  After a great visit, First Steps explained they are there for growth and development following the NICU (they see kids up to age 3); because he is no longer at risk from a growth perspective, and progressing great, they are recommending we move away from them to a developmental pediatrician who will see him beyond 3. Of course there is only one in town :), but we have heard nothing but great things. For now, we plan on visiting her in a year and keeping the focus on his therapies between now and then.

And two more exciting tidbits – G got his new Theratogs today and he was AWESOME in them, AND his stander has arrived! We should get it next week. Check out this video of the little guy in his Theratogs, SMOs, and sweet socks working with his therapist.  He really is standing! It brought tears to my eyes, it was so awesome to see!!!

Hopefully this trajectory continues!  Thank you for the continued prayers!

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  1. He looks great!!!! I am so excited about his progress and that what we see from the outside (ok, so we are biased….) is being documented by the professionals!!

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