Opthamology Update – 10 months

I took the lil man to see the opthamologist again today, and I must say, I was quite encouraged. For one, she explained that any kid who has a vision issue, and no issues with the structure of the eye, are always classified as “CVI” (Coronary Vision Impairment) (see prior post). This explains why there is such a wide range of outcomes for CVI kids, because they in actuality have a range of unexplained issues. Also, if you have CVI, you are automatically designated as legally blind, they go hand in hand. So, I was glad to know it wasn’t a separate issue to be concerned about. The doctor noted G was doing much better than last time – she said he was tracking better and his pupils were functioning better – all good news that his CVI is improving. We will go back in 6 months and see how things have progressed. She noted he is near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other, and for now, they balance each other out so she doesn’t want to give him glasses quite yet.

The vision therapist came yesterday also and said he was doing really great. She gave us some great ideas to help him focus on certain objects. She noted again that he is doing a really great job.

Look at those pupils!
Look at those pupils!


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