Optometry Checkup – 8 Months

8667615443_414b87277a_cToday was G’s 8 month vision exam with our Pediatric Optometrist.  If you remember in our last visit, G was diagnosed with Delayed Vision Maturation which just means that he was delayed in his vision development but would eventually have normal vision.  At the time, the Optometrist told us that she did not think that G had Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI) which is more serious and has to do with how the brain processes the images that G sees.

Well, today we got the diagnosis that he probably has CVI.  I was pretty disappointed about it and Mamma C was pretty down as well.  CVI means that G will have a variety of outcomes for his vision, but he will most likely never have completely “normal” vision.  It also means that he will have many challenges when it comes to reading, dealing with crowds, etc…

Obviously, it wasn’t the best news, but it’s not the end of the world either.  We have been encouraged to see G make progress in tracking objects and focusing on us more recently and that doesn’t seem to be plateauing or slowing down.  He’s still just as smiley as ever.  We’re just a bit concerned as to how he’ll be impacted by his vision impairment going forward.

The next steps for him involve getting him hooked up with vision therapy through Early Childhood Intervention (ECI).

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  1. Thank you for all the detailed updates. The videos are amazing. So great to see you playing with G and C. Love to you all!

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