Our lil pirate!

What what? Mama C updating the blog the same day as a doctor’s appointment?! What is this world coming to?!?!

Today G saw yet another ophthalmologist, making this #4, and our very last shot in Austin. Thankfully, I would say it was a success, and finally a doctor I felt listened and provided thoughtful input. To put this away forever and ever, Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI), which I cried for months about, is totally off the table! We have felt this was possibly a misdiagnosis from the beginning, but even more so as time has gone by. Dr. B confirmed he didn’t see this at all, so we are done discussing it.

G does have an eye that continues to cross, and he noticed that his right eye is significantly stronger than the left, so we will be patching his right eye for one hour every day.  He hated it when I did it, but I conveniently ensured he would be distracted by Elmo, so he got over it pretty quick. (excuse the half naked kid, he had made a big mess of his shirt, but I promise he is usually clothed)

2015-05-04 16.43.02We will go back in 3 months and see if the patching helps strengthen the left eye.  Dr. B also confirmed G is far sighted, which is odd since we were previously told he was near sighted. Apparently if docs do the exam before the eyes are fully dilated, you get near sighted, even though that isn’t accurate. As Dr B said, one step at a time, so we will stick with the pirate look, and move on to four eyes at a later time!

And for your viewing pleasure, G crawling a few days ago (he has gotten even better since this!) – you can see Daddy P invested in serious crawling gear and G getting up on all fours is very exciting for us!

ps we are aware you can’t see videos when this post goes out in email. Click on the actual post to see it online and the video is embedded there.

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