Quick video updates

I feel terrible how long it’s been since we last updated this blog….so, here are a few quick videos of G’s new skills:

Walking in his Upsee (and doing chores!):

High Knees (something he has been working hard on at school especially!):

and just for fun…Halloween! Well, the start of it…somehow we never wound up with pictures of him all dressed up, but to clarify, his sister was Ariel, so Flounder just made sense! You can hear big sis C get so excited because it sounded like G said “yeah” in response to a question… 🙂

School is going great, as expected of course! He is getting his signing back up to speed after we slacked during the summer and is fairly consistent with hi, more, and me acheter du viagra original. We are thrilled to see what the rest of the year brings!

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