Rockin’ my new shoes (and Kim Jong Il haircut)

New Shoes
Little G’s new SureStep SMOs


Little G picked up his sweet new ‘SMOs’ today from Hanger Orthotics here in Austin.  You can read more about what these things do here (  But the basic idea is that he has a tendency to be really pigeon toe’d due to his hypotonia.  They lock his foot into an alignment that helps him get into the right stance for walking and standing.  He will have these things for about the next nine months.  They are really light weight and are meant to be worn whenever he is standing or doing his therapy.

In case you can’t tell. dad got him dressed today as was responsible for his hair.  My goal was to get it as tall as possible and I think I accomplished that goal.  Sorry little buddy, I know you are going to see this picture in a few years and hate it, but that’s what dads do!

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