School district evaluation

In a recent post, I spoke about our hope to get G some additional services through the school district. He had his first evaluation with AISD 2 weeks ago and I suppose it was “successful”…

I always love the first question they ask is “What concerns do you have for your child?” to which I usually stare blankly wondering if I really have to answer that. Daddy P always suggests I tell them he isn’t running 7 minute miles yet and that is very concerning. 😉 Then there are 45 minutes of questions such as “Can he hop on one foot?,” “How many words does he say?”, immediately followed by “Does he speak in complete sentences.” That is usually when I glaze over again and am probably obviously agitated. I know, I know: I understand folks are doing their jobs, but being reminded repeatedly of all your kid can’t do gets a bit frustrating.

While I answered a barrage of questions, another therapist played with G. He was in great spirits and had fun playing with toys that I am pretty sure were from the 50s. 🙂 They didn’t understand his signs (which are generally modified versions of American Sign Language since he doesn’t have the fine motor skills to perform them in the official form), but once I explained them, they realized numerous instances they missed out on him trying to tell them something.  After about an hour and half, we left and they let me know they would call me with the results.

Within a few hours, they called to tell me G qualifies for services as “he does exhibit skills different from his peers” and “would benefit from additional assistance”. I kindly said thank you and chuckled a bit.

So, now on to the hard part. In the next 60 days we should receive an official write up of his results and go on to schedule his ARD, the meeting that determines what all he qualifies for, and from what I understand, will require a good understanding of his rights. More updates on that to come!

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