Testing, Bananas, and Rolling, Oh my!

G had his 6 month check up and we found out he was above the 25th percentile in weight! No failure to thrive around here! We also saw the ENT and, no thanks to 3 ear infections in 4 weeks (!!), we confirmed he will need tubes – those will be put in on March 26, and he will also have another auditory brainstem response (ABR) performed at the same time to further investigate his supposed hearing loss.

Last week G had his 6 month evaluation at First Steps, the developmental specialists. Here was the breakdown, with a score of 8-12 being average:

  • Cognitive: Score: 7 / Percentile Rank: 16 / Description: Low Average
  • Language: Score: 12 / Percentile Rank: 6 / Description: Borderline
  • Motor: Score: 4 / Percentile Rank: 0.1 / Description: Extremely Low

So, we knew he was behind, but its always a bit discouraging to hear just how far behind with his motor skills. He is functioning more like a 2-3 month old right now. The good news is that he has cognitive response – so, his brain is functioning in a capacity which they feel he will be able to learn the motor skills.

G will continue his home therapy of PT and OT twice a week, and they are going to refer him to ECI for speech therapy. The speech therapy is to help him learn to eat – they are concerned that because he doesn’t have good neck control, he could choke fairly easily.  They want to get him as a “case” within ECI which is a government program, because that way he is in their system when it’s time to transition to school.

However, after speaking with this dietician and OT, we can start giving him foods on his NUK, a little textured tooth-brush looking thing, to get him used to texture. He got to have some bananas today, and loved it!!

AND, he rolled from his back to his front today!! What a miracle!! He had a big smile on his face too, he knew he did something good! We saw that he was trying so hard, and mom, dad, and Little C all got in the corner calling his name until he rolled over! It was a very special moment for us all!

2013-03-03 18.11.10
Just before the big roll!!


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