The adventure continues…

G met with his developmental pediatrician this week. He didn’t go through a battery of tests with each therapist to be scored on his developmental level, instead it was just a check-in, much to my pleasant surprise.

To note, this doctor has concerns regarding G’s super big head, and it’s funny shape – his skull is elongated more so than round. In my opinion, it has always been this way, however, she has concerns that perhaps some of his skull plated fused together before they were supposed to, forcing the skull to expand lengthwise. If that is the case, and if his brain is still growing, it will create pressure in this skull and cause really bad things. He doesn’t present any symptoms of this (headaches, irritability, nose bleeds, vomiting), and I really think he just has a big head, which is commonly found in these 3q deletion kids. However, to rule things out, he is being referred to a plagiocephaly clinic regarding “sagittal synostosis“.  We hope to get into the clinic in a few weeks for an evaluation which will likely include a CT scan. I confirmed he doesn’t have to go under (which was a terrible experience last time he has anesthesia), and will be locked up in a papoose – he will HATE it I am sure, but worth the few minutes of screaming!

Secondly, the doctor does notate some autistic qualities about G. Specifically repetitive play patterns, lack of reciprocal play/communication, atypical speech development and poor nonverbal communication. One example is that he doesn’t play much with a variety of toys but sticks to cars and books, for the most part. He doesn’t play back and forth with friends as we would expect at this age. He also is comforted by objects more so than people – as an example, we have always had a hard time getting him in the car – we have found if we give him a specific watch, he is completely fine. He should however, be comforted knowing his family is with him and that should be enough to ease his concerns. He is also developing quirks, such as, screaming like crazy every time we make a particular turn on the way home from school…it’s at the exact same place, and I am surprised he even knows where we are most of the time, but it is really bizarre. All formal evaluations for autism however require the child be ambulatory, and until then, it is hard to distinguish between development delay and autism.

We have agreed he is getting the appropriate course of therapies at this time, and should he plateau in one of them and not make continued progress, we may involve an ABA therapist to work on behavioral issues at that time. He is a busy boy already, so I am just fine to wait for any more therapies!!

Due to the length of the doctor appointment, G got to hang out with me until we could pick sister up, so we had a lunch date and a trip to WalMart – he LOVES going to the store, so that was fun for both of us. 🙂

One recent funny thing G does, when you say “knock, knock”, he says “who’s there?” and then starts giggling! It is so cute. He isn’t consistent about it, but probably performs half the time, and it’s the funniest thing to see him “making jokes” 😉


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