The Arsenal manager empathised with Mourinho’s issue with City

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hermes birkin bag replica cheap For the rest, I can’t tell you much more.”United’s defeat to Manchester City on Sunday was dominated by a dressing room clash high quality Replica Hermes after the game which began when Jose Mourinho asked the visitors to celebrate in a more dignified manner. The United manager had water and milk thrown at him, striker Romelu Lukaku attempted to enter the visitors’ dressing room and City coach Mikel Arteta was left with a cut face following a 15 Hermes Replica Belt man brawl.Romelu Lukaku attempted to enter Man City dressing roomWenger reacted badly to losing at City last month by claiming winger Raheem Sterling ‘dives well’ after he won a second half penalty. The Arsenal manager empathised with Mourinho’s issue with City going ‘overboard’ with their celebrations.”It is part of the intensity,” Wenger added. hermes birkin bag replica cheap

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