The good and the bad…

One failed newborn hearing screening, two sedated ABRs, one (unsedated) 5 hour ABR while trying to make a newborn sleep with electrodes all over his head, 4 unsuccesful hearing test attempts at a doctors office, and FINALLY it is proven that G has NO hearing issues whatsoever!! G had his (LAST!!) ABR on Friday from which our angel of an audiologist, Liz, confirmed G can hear as well as any one else, and has no risk factors beyond any typical kid. We were so thrilled with the news. Liz has performed 3 ABRs now for G and is the most compassionate person I have ever met – she gives out hugs profusely (with the tissues) and has lessened the stress of the experience in so many instances. It was such a relief to know we won’t have to see her again (!), and we should be pretty much done with G’s ongoing ENT visits, with the exception of the tubes in his ears! The less doctors the better!

Even with the great news being delivered, I noticed it was taking longer for them to call us back to see G than last time. After an hour of waiting they called us back and we learned G did not do well with the anesthesia. They used something called Laryngeal Mask Airway, with G, which caused breathing issues and they had to put a breathing tube in. They think because of his hypotonia (low muscle tone), it probably affects his lungs too and they had a hard time keeping up while sedated, and then had an even harder time getting going once he was off the sedation. When we got back to recovery, they had him on oxygen. I noticed the nurse overly calm while she handed me G and went to call the anesthesiologist – without actually saying anything she asked him to come right away…little did she know we have seen this MO in the NICU plenty of times! She was worried his Oxygen level was so low, and the doc was equally concerned. After learning more about G and his usual breathing patterns (which are a little funny to begin with), he noted that because we live close to the hospital and seem responsible (!), he would let us take G home in a few hours if he improved, but normally would require he stay overnight for 24 hours.  G’s oxygen levels did improve and he has been fine ever since.

More than anything, it was a reminder that G isn’t typical and we can’t take typical procedures lightly. It will definitely make us think twice over anything else he might need next…fortunately now that his hearing is resolved and we have his second MRI, there is nothing on the list!

We hope to hear from his neurologist in the next week regarding the results of his next MRI. We are sure that whatever the outcome it won’t change what we are doing now, but it will provide us with additional information as to how his brain has developed over the past year and hopeful all else is normal.

Thanks for the ongoing prayers!





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